East Mining Company’s Social policy complies with the Company’s mission and accepted development strategy.

The Company is making its best effort to forge an alliance between the interests of all the parties concerned. The major point in our Social policy is to reach the balance between the internal and external aspects.

The Company is interested in Sakhalin economic development and realizes its role and potential as the major coal company of the region. We closely associate Company development with employment of locals, who will work at our enterprises. Occupational safety and growth of the material well-being of our employees is an essential element of our Social policy. The company is actively engaged in its corporate social life aspects.

You are welcome to join our team. We ensure sustainable employment with descent salary both to the beginners and to highly experienced staff and executives. The company is cooperating with state governance and control bodies on all levels, including labor unions, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations.

social responsibility

Being engaged in coal mining and shipment business, East Mining Company bears social responsibility at the locations of its enterprises. The company understands that material basis is the foundation of spiritual development, therefore in 2014 it invested in construction of orthodox church of Holy Mother Precursor in Uglegorsk (the first church in Uglegorsk district) and provided all the required churchware.

EMCO follows the saying ‘Your Future Is Created By What You Do Today’ and is actively engaged in youth programs, rendering assistance to juvenile box team of Shakhtersk, children's department of Uglegorsk Central regional hospital as well as to regional orphan asylums.

East Mining Company creates new jobs in the region and cares for its employees, putting more emphasis on their safety and health. Currently more than 1573 people are employed at EMCO enterprises with annual increment of 18%. Average monthly wage of a EMCO employee makes 65 th.rubles with the average regional salary rate making 61 th.rubles.

The company is actively engaged in environmental protection and regional infrastructure development issues. EMCO Management is in continuous contact with Uglegorsk urban district administration, contributing and promoting social and economic development questions.

East Mining Company is a high-revenue taxpayer.