Sustainable development

Eastern Mining Company is an active participant in the public and social life of Sakhalin and Uglegorsk district, that plays a key role in the business of the company.

The company invests in the development of the urban environment in the town settlement of Uglegorsk-Shakhtersk, supports various cultural and sports activities at regional and district levels. Since June 2018, it has been the general sponsor of the Boxing Federation of the Sakhalin Region.

Labor protection and industrial safety

We are aware of our responsibility to society to create and ensure the safe working environment, introduce a safety culture, solve socio-economic problems, protect the health of workers and population living in the areas of our presence.

With relation to occupational health and industrial safety, we set ourselves the goal of introducing a safety culture that allows us to minimize the level of injuries as much as possible and eliminate accidents.

To achieve this goal, we undertook the following commitments: 

  • Ensure compliance with federal laws, international agreements, industry and corporate regulatory requirements that govern activities of chemical companies in respect to labor protection, health protection and industrial safety
  • Respect the priority of planned and implemented actions and measures related to the prevention of exposure to personnel and local population over measures to eliminate the consequences of such exposure
  • Analyze potential and actual threats to the employees’ health while working at any workplace
  • Reduce hazards and risks, prevent injuries and occupational diseases
  • Make employees aware of the problem and use as high as possible their potential by providing information, training and maintaining the necessary qualifications, experience in the field of occupational safety and health, industrial safety and resource-saving activities

We are confident that sustainable progress in the field of occupational health and industrial safety can only be achieved if there is a conscious increase in safety culture on the part of all workers.