1. Mining and delivery to port

Coal mining is arranged in the largest deposit of Sakhalin (Solntsevsky deposit (Uglegorsk district), with the coal further delivered to Shakhtersk port by motor transport. The distance to port makes 28 km.

Sakhalin island Shaktersk Uglegorsk Solntsevsky deposit

2. Loading in the port

The coal is loaded from coal wharfing on 1700 and 3500 tons deadweight dry-cargo carriers using vessel-loading machine and bridge crane, 11 and 14 m3 capacity clam buckets. The total capacity of on-shore loading complex makes 2 - 3 th. tons per hour. Bulk carriers of deadweight up to 70000 are used for loading operations.

* Total capacity of on-shore loading complex 3 000 tons/hour Transloading to bulk freighters 70 000 t. 3 500 t. 1 700 t. *deadweight Bulk carriers loading

3. Delivery

Delivery term to the consumer makes 1 - 6 days. East Mining Company supplies coal to China, Republic of Korea, Japan, Vietnam and India.

Japan Vietnam China India Korea Shaktersk