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East Mining Company founded "Garden of Generations" in Shakhtersk

On the eve of Victory Day celebrations the East Mining Company planted an apple orchard in the central square of Shakhtersk in memory of those who died during the Great Patriotic War. 40 blooming apple trees will remind the younger generation of the Victory, which 76 years ago was given for the whole country at the cost of an incredible feat.

The event was attended by the first Vice-Mayor of the Uglegorsk City District Andrei Serov, the Deputy of the Sakhalin Regional Duma Alexander Bolotnikov, the Chairman of the Council of Veterans of the Uglegorsk City District Nadezhda Skorobogatova, employees of the Solntsevsky Coal Mine and the Coal Seaport of Shakhtersk and their families.

In his welcoming speech, the first Vice-Mayor of the Uglegorsk City District congratulated the audience on the upcoming Great Holiday of Victory Day and noted that the "Garden of Generations" will be special. This is the first apple orchard in the Sakhalin Region and in the future the residents of the region will be able to walk among the blooming trees and remember those who gave them the peaceful sky.

Deputy of the Sakhalin Regional Duma Alexander Bolotnikov stressed the high importance of this event. “It is a wonderful tradition to plant trees in honor of Victory Day. With each tree planted we honor the memory of our heroic ancestors and pay tribute to them. It was they who won the Great Victory for us, gave our future, our country, the most precious thing for every family is the “peace”. In the future descendants will look at blooming trees and remember the feat of our grandfathers”, he said.

About 100 people took part in planting seedlings. Two unique apple tree species of Rudolph and Preriefire varieties were chosen for the "Garden of Generations. Trees will bloom with white, pink and burgundy flowers in spring for residents and guests of Shakhtersk. And in autumn apple trees will be decorated with bright red round fruits. The residents will be able to enjoy the first spring bloom this year. Planting of young seedlings was carried out under the experienced guidance of specialists from the Sakhalin plant nursery in order the apple trees took root in a new place and the garden began to delight its guests.

Alexey Sharabarin congratulated everyone on the upcoming May 9 and noted that EMCO like all Uglegorsk residents is interested in the present and future of the region and its prosperity. “While actively developing in many areas we consider it correct and timely to support and develop initiatives in the field of social partnership. Not only do better, but do better together. It is noteworthy that today, on the eve of Victory Day, the corporate social partnership program "BETTER" starts, within the framework of which a variety of social projects are being implemented. It is symbolic that the first of them was "BETTER. ECOLOGY" thanks to which we all got together today and planted a wonderful "Garden of Generations" in the center of Shakhtersk. "

“Veterans live next to us and this is such happiness. Today there are only two of them. This is Alexander Matveyevich Samarin in Uglegorsk and Maria Isaakovna Vasilievna in Shakhtersk, who will turn 96 on May 10. Today's event is important for the patriotic education of the generation. A high-minded event when both adults and the younger generation are doing one common cause. The garden will grow and the eternal memory will sound here about the departed veterans of the Patriotic War”, said Nadezhda Skorobogatova, the Chairman of the Council of Veterans of the Uglegorsk City District, with words of gratitude.