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East Mining Company participates in the advanced training program for college students

Within the framework of the program for training highly qualified personnel of secondary specialized colleges, EMCO together with the Union “Young Professionals” (WorldSkills Russia), with the support of the Agency for Human Capital Development of Sakhalin region, started to develop corporate standards for essential mining and transport specialties on the basis of Solntsevsky Coal Mine. Corporate standards will be formed according to the worldclass approach used by WorldSkills Russia.

The implementation of this project is aimed at creating a detailed list of practical skills for key professions in the coal industry. At the first stage, corporate standards will be defined for the most popular specialties at Solntsevsky Coal Mine - BelAZ driver and excavator operator. This will help to identify the requirements and create a clear company standard for a job applicant in the selected professions of one of the largest employers in the region.

According to the methodology used, specialists from WorldSkills Russia and Agency for Human Capital Development of Sakhalin region visited the mine and conducted a detailed analysis of professions in real production conditions. All documentation on specialties was studied and a step-by-step analysis of working actions within one production shift was carried out. This will allow to create a detailed picture of each specialty applicable to Solntsevsky Coal Mine. The formed corporate standard will be used in staff recruitment and updating internship and training programs.

"The new corporate standards will help to define the key requirements for employees, their skills and job performance required by the company. They will be considered in development of staff training system in the company, its occupational adaptation, professional development and retraining. This will allow new employees to be part of the business process faster and easily adapt to the working conditions of our company", - said Olga Nikolaeva, Head of Training at EMCO.

The established corporate standards can be applied to the professional education system as a requirement specification. They will determine what specialists are needed at production site and what knowledge, skills and know-how graduates should have. They will also help to assess the specialist on entry in hiring. For this purpose, EMCO specialists and representatives visited the Sakhalin Mining College, the main professional educational institution that trains staff for Solntsevsky Coal Mine and analyzed the existing training programs. After visiting the mine and the college their compliance in terms of applicability of the developed corporate standard of East Mining Company will be assessed and recommendations on drawing up new training programs will be given.

Sergey Denisevich, Project Manager of the Technical Directorate of the Union "Young Professionals" (WorldSkills Russia), clarified that the development of the company standards will allow to define a quality standard for teaching facilities of secondary vocational education in specialist training and prepare personnel taking into account the employer’s current requirements, which is the main task of professional education.

"We plan to work closely with key stakeholders in the island region. Among the tasks of Agency for Human Capital Development of Sakhalin region for this year is the advanced training program preparation for the mining industry, oil and gas sector and the marine industry, - said Ekaterina Barysheva, General Director of Agency for Human Capital Development of Sakhalin region. - We are grateful to EMCO management for the fact that the company quickly came onto the educational quality development in the mid-level specialist training system. I am sure that only in the dialogue between education and business will we be able to build staff training at a level that meets international standards, the requirements of employers and the labor market."