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East Mining Company congratulated the lovely ladies of Uglegorsk district on March 8

EMCO annually congratulates the beautiful half of Uglegorsk district on International Women's Day. Special attention is paid to EMCO female staff compliments.

This year, women got more than 2000 red roses.

Holiday greetings in the streets of Uglegorsk and Shakhtersk have already become a tradition. All morning of March 6 young people in branded uniforms with armfuls of roses welcomed representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, congratulated them on holiday and gave flowers. EMCO cavaliers showered women not only with red roses, but also with a lot of kind words and good mood for the day.

Real complimentary landing party went to meet the company's female employees, visiting Uglegorsk, Shakhtersk, Boshnyakovo and Krasnopol’ye. The barriers didn’t stop the men, they even conquered BelAZs: beautiful women drivers also got flowers. Each female worker of the company received a red rose and generous words of congratulations.

On the eve of March 8 in Shakhtersk there was a theatrical performance "Babi bunt", dedicated to International Women's Day. The project was implemented together with the Community center, Lyadov School of Art and additional education institutions and youth clubs of Uglegorsk and Shakhtersk. The festive show was a real a success among the audience, and young people with armfuls of roses made the final of the evening even brighter, when they gave all the women flowers and congratulated them with the forthcoming International Women's Day.