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Vladimir Putin supported Oleg Misevra regarding the free port of Shakhtersk

During the Second Eastern Economic Forum on Russky Island, a meeting of prospective investors of the Far Eastern Federal District with Russian President Vladimir Putin was held. Oleg Misevra, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the East Mining Company drew attention of the Head of the State to the Port of Shakhtersk, to which the regime of the free port could be extended. Vladimir Putin fully supported the idea.

O.Misevra: Good afternoon, dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! Colleagues! I'll try to be brief. East Mining Company, Oleg Misevra.
We are implementing a project for coal mining, construction of a conveyor for transporting coal to the port and, accordingly, an export project, you supported it at the conference in due time. The project is worth 42 billion, we already invested more than 10 billion.
The project is developing successfully, everything is fine. There is one small and at the same time a serious request. All present, when talking about ports, talk about a free port, and I look on them with admiring envy. Because we, unfortunately, did not get there, but now the law on the free ports of the Far East, as far as I understand, is being prepared.

V.Putin: There, we have already allocated five ports. And what are you talking about now?
O.Misevra: We have a small port of Shakhtersk, so no one notices it.
V.Putin: Where is it?
O.Misevra: on Sakhalin.
V.Putin: And why did not you get there? You know, our federal agencies are concerned that those benefits that are provided in the Far East can not be extended to other territories.
These restrictions are logical, because otherwise the Far East will not be so attractive. As for your port, it is located in the Far East. I do not see any restrictions here for these benefits to extend to you as well. We want to develop these territories as a whole. So let's think about it.
I'll ask my colleagues to work it out now.
O.Misevra: Thank you!