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EMCO became a partner of the Regional WorldSkills Championship in Sakhalin

East Mining Company Limited acts as a social partner of the VI Regional Championship in professional skills of "Young Professionals" at WorldSkills Russia in the Sakhalin Region. This is not the first time when the company has supported the Championship. In 2021 employees of the company's key production asset, Solntsevsky Coal Mine, received the status of experts and will evaluate the participants in one of the professional competencies.

“The key goal of the WorldSkills Championships is to increase the prestige of trade occupations and develop professional education. East Mining Company places an emphases on the development of the system of secondary specialized education in the Uglegorsk Region for the purpose of preparing high-skilled professionals for work in the coal mining industry. Such events allow talented young people to express themselves by demonstrating their skills and improve their professional level. For our part, we are ready to support them already at the training stage to assist them in finding jobs in future and providing them with all the opportunities for further professional growth”, commented Olga Nikolaeva, head of the EMCO Training Department, who supervises the company's interaction with WorldSkills.

Sakhalin Mining College in the Uglegorsk Region has been chosen as one of the sites for the VI Regional Championship “Young Professionals” of WorldSkills Russia. The opening ceremony of the Championship will take place on this site on March 15th. During the practical part to be held from March 16th to March 18th students of the technical college will demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the competencies of "Car Repair and Maintenance", "Freight Vehicles Maintenance" and "Excavator Handling". Employees of Solntsevsky Coal Mine will be the experts assessing the correctness of the performance of the competition tasks for the "Car Repair and Maintenance" competence. It is worth noting that they not only graduated this educational institution but also were participants in the Championship in the past, therefore, they realize the importance of the event for the professional development and formation of the technical college students.

Denis Glebov, chief expert of the Regional Championship “Young Professionals” in the "Car Repair and Maintenance" competence, noted: “The conditions of the Championship participants will be as close to real ones as possible. For example, as part of one of the tasks the participant will need to disassemble the engine of a real car, diagnose it, identify malfunctions, eliminate them and carry out the necessary metrological measurements and adjustments. After that, carry out the assembly in the correct sequence".

VI Regional Championship "Young Professionals" of WorldSkills Russia is being held in the Sakhalin Region from 11th to 19th of March 2021. It is attended by about 600 competitors from all over the region who will compete in 89 professional competencies. The Championship is held at 27 sites, deployed from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Okha. The contestants are evaluated by more than 400 experts, including masters of industrial education, teachers and employees of the Sakhalin Region enterprises and companies.