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EMCO introduces supersize machine monitoring system

EMCO has launched a monitoring system for heavy-duty trucks transporting coal on the route Solntsevsky Coal Mine - Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk. This system allows to control work of trucks for the entire processing chain, from production to coal shipment at the port and also to motivate heavy-lifter specialists to carry out their work efficiently and in compliance with traffic regulations.

As part of the monitoring system, each car delivering coal from the mine is equipped with an on-board electronic self-recorder that registers the route, time, and speed of the vehicle. Upon completion of the work, the self-recorder data is sent to a single monitoring center, which allows to detect violations for non-compliance with the speed limit permissible values and deviation from the route. According to the standard work procedure, the maximum speed allowed outside built-up areas is in the range of 80 km per hour.

"The installed on-board controllers allow to detect even minimal speeding up to one minute," said Ivan Podgornykh, Deputy Director of Operations at Solntsevsky Coal Mine. "Additionally, we have reduced the periods of test unloading and information analysis to quickly identify violators. Now the frequency is 10 days. So, as in the case of one of the contractors LLC "Service-Integrator Sakhalin" for the period from 10 to 20 July the number of violations detected decreased threefold compared to the same period in June. Moreover, a fine is imposed on the driver for each limit exceeding. If repeated violations are identified, the contractual relationship with the driver is terminated."

Also, as part of the monitoring, EMCO employees keep control of the availability of a tenting system on each vehicle involved in transportation. This measure is necessary to prevent cargo elements from falling on the road surface, which can result in traffic hazard.

In the future, East Mining Company is looking into options for introducing additional monitoring of heavy-duty vehicles on the territory of built-up areas where it is necessary to pay special attention to speed enforcement. Now recording and transport control on these road sections is carried out using traffic police cameras. But the company plans to develop and implement an additional program module to improve the driving culture and compliance with traffic regulations for truck drivers.