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EMCO lays the groundwork for the construction of a 26-km coal conveyor

EMCO is developing the project under the construction of main coal conveyor in the Uglegorsk district of Sakhalin between Solntsevsky Coal Mine and the Coal Seaport of Shakhtersk. Within the framework of this project, the designated contractors have started performing the pre-construction works. The task is to prepare the conveyor line route for further placement of foundation and equipment installation, i.e.: to clear the site out of plantings, to perform soil excavation, to build roads in certain areas of the route and to set up storage areas for equipment. After the completion of preparatory operations, the general construction works will commence.

The start of the project’s first stage has allowed creating around 50 new jobs in the repair-construction industry of Uglegorsk district, and to use the services of local construction machinery leaseholders. The number of new jobs will increase with the advancement of the project.

According to the schedule, the construction of the conveyor line will be completed in 2021. The French RBL-REI SA, one of the world leaders in the area of such systems engineering, has become the supplier of equipment following the results of projects tender. The contract for manufacture, delivery, and installation of construction components was signed in the first half of this year.

The new facility will be not only the most extended in Russia, around 26 kilometers, but it will also be one of the most modern and innovative in the world, including, in particular, in terms of ecological parameters. The project implementation is being performed taking account all the requirements set forth by the Russian Federation environmental laws.

“To reduce the environmental impact the company will build up a closed-type conveyor gallery. There are three of them at coal transshipment sites, and we plan to install the dust-exhaust system using modern dust-separation equipment. To prevent noise, the equipment of the conveyor and its components will be manufactured in a noise-proof version. Moreover, after the conveyor is placed in commission, the road traffic load in the region will reduce," said Anton Ustinov, the Deputy General Director for Development Projects, EMCO.

According to the integrated development strategy of EMCO, the construction of the main coal conveyor is one of the key measures to further increase of production and shipment of coal in Uglegorsk district. Following the results of 2019, this volume will amount to 10 million tons, which is 2.5 million tons more than the results achieved in the last year. In the coming years, the company plans to have the extraction and shipment of 20 million tons of coal annually.

The project was supported by federal and regional authorities. It is being implemented in terms of Free Port of Vladivostok treatment, which is as well applied to Uglegorsk district. The preliminary total volume of costs for the project implementation is estimated around 7 million roubles. East Mining Company Limited is the Investor of the project.