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EMCO installed a video surveillance system in Uglegorsk public garden

EMCO has equipped the urban recreation area of Uglegorsk city with a video surveillance system with a high-range face recognition function. Data from the cameras is transmitted online to the unified duty and dispatching service of the Uglegorsky district, from where the order in public places is constantly monitored. Now local residents will be able to spend their leisure time in a comfortable and safe environment.   

The main entrances, architectural structures, children’s playground and pedestrian paths are under video surveillance. Eight surveillance cameras are located around the perimeter of the public garden, with due account of the blind spots. The focal length and wide horizontal and vertical viewing angle of the video system guarantee a good view of the entire territory. The frame rate allows to obtain a high-quality image with clear details. The performance parameters of the cameras enable them to function 24 hours per day at various temperatures.