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EMCO and BELAZ developing an electric dump truck

EMCO and BELAZ discussed the course of testing of an electric dump truck with a carrying capacity of 220 tons and recorded further steps on the project. The development of the BELAZ diesel trolley dump truck has been carried out since 2019 and provides for a mining dump truck that uses an external source of energy from trolley lines. The use of alternative energy sources in transport will lead to a decrease in the consumption of fossil hydrocarbons, climate preservation, decrease in harmful emissions at the place of operation of equipment and an increase in the economic effect associated with the use of electricity and an increase in the productivity of vehicles.

Following the meeting, Oleg Misevra, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the East Mining Company noted: “With the growth of the company's volumes the issue of production efficiency and environmental responsibility arose. The development of an electric dump truck is part of the Green Coal Cluster on Sakhalin. The joint project with BELAZ provides an opportunity to develop a new direction for both the car-making factory and all mining companies that will be able to use alternative sources in the extraction of minerals, which in return will make the production "green" and minimize the carbon trace".

Within the framework of the project, BELAZ manufactured a prototype of a mining dump truck and equipment that controls the dump truck's electric drive system. The development took into account the requirement to modernize the current line of machines that are operated at the mine of the East Mining Company on Sakhalin. For testing a diesel-trolley dump truck for the first time at the test site of the plant was designed and manufactured infrastructure including a traction substation to ensure the supply of the required voltage to the supporting current-carrying network. At the beginning of April 2021 an experimental prototype of a dump truck was tested for the first time without load and drove under electric traction powered by a 0.6 kW overhead catenary network overcoming a 10% rise. In June the plant will begin testing equipment with a rated load of 220 tons and 2 kW mains supply.

“The issue of reducing the carbon load is becoming increasingly important for mining companies today. It is noteworthy that it is the East Mining Company, which is widely known even outside of Sakhalin for its advanced projects in this area, today is a co-author and a promising customer of the project of an electric dump truck. Now we are conducting tests at our test site, and in the first quarter of 2022 we are making tests at the Solntsevsky Coal Mine. For this purpose we provide for the construction of infrastructure at the coal field and supply of equipment for refurbishment the existing line of dump trucks in a diesel-trolley version. The pilot project will involve from 10 to 15 mining dump trucks", commented Sergey Lesin, the Deputy General Director for Quality Management at OJSC BELAZ.

Company profile: East Mining Company Limited

East Mining Company Limited (EMCO Ltd) is the largest coal mining enterprise in the Sakhalin Region with a full cycle for the extraction and shipment of solid fuel. EMCO accounts for about 80% of the total lignite coal production in Sakhalin. The main consumers of the mined coal are the Asia-Pacific countries. In 2020 EMCO produced 11 million tons of coal exceeding the previous year's value by 21%. In 2021 the expected volume will be 12 million tons. The structure of EMCO includes Solntsevsky Coal Mine LLC and Coal Seaport of Shakhtersk LLC (Uglegorsk District).