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EMCO enters the second stage of developing corporative standards for miners

Within the framework of the program for training highly qualified personnel of secondary specialized colleges, EMCO together with the Union “Young Professionals” (WorldSkills Russia), with the support of the Agency for Human Capital Development of Sakhalin region, have entered the second stage of developing corporate standards for essential mining and transport specialties on the basis of Solntsevsky Coal Mine.

The implementation of this project is aimed at creating a detailed list of practical skills for key professions in the coal industry.  The first stage included standards for the most popular professions at Solntsevsky Coal Mine — BelAZ driver and excavator operator.

The second stage envisages corporate standards for mine operators, mine foremen, bulldozer drivers, motor grader drivers, and loader drivers. To implement this project, the experts of WorldSkills Russia and Agency for Human Capital Development of  Sakhalin region visited Solntsevsky Coal Mine in early September and performed a thorough analysis of professions in real-life conditions.

The established corporate standards will be applied during staff recruitment and to update programs of internship and on-the-job trainings, advanced training courses and personnel retraining courses. This will help new employees to quicker understand the production process, and easily adapt to the work environment at the enterprise.

"We focus a lot on the training system for our staff. New corporate standards will be used in the training program for students of secondary educational institutions and for their adaptation to actual work environment. For this, by the end of this year, it is planned to open the Advanced Training Centre at the Sakhalin Mining College to implement a wide range of additionally developed experience-based training program for full-time and part-time students of all key disciplines", the representatives of East Mining Company said.