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EMCO Starts Equipping Vehicles with No Sleep System

East Mining Company has launched a pilot project to equip motor vehicles with a "No Sleep" CCTV system to monitor drivers' conditions. In the test mode, the system is installed on several trucks involved in coal transportation, and two units of passenger transport intended for long-distance travel.  

The "No Sleep" system allows quickly detecting possible driver fatigue, reduced attention, and falling asleep. The Active Appearance Models (AIM) system analyzes face parameters and continuously track the position of the driver's head and eyelids using infrared sensors. As soon as the camera detects significant deviations in the head position or sharp turns, a warning signal is produced, which is repeated several times. The signal stops after the position of the driver's head and eyes returns to normal. Infrared sensors also work in the dark, including through any glasses.

"We plan to equip all EMCO vehicles with this system. First off, passenger buses and vehicles used to deliver the company's employees. The system will also be installed on trucks. This measure is intended to prevent the risk of accidents caused by reduced driver attention due to monotonous work. This is of particular relevance at night. The company is aware of the possible risks, so it chooses modern global level systems for equipping vehicles. The entire package of measures taken is aimed at preserving the life and health of drivers and passengers," Ilya Sterlikov, EMCO director for health and safety, is quoted as saying.