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EMCO starts the installation of the biggest main coal conveyor in the Russian Federation

East Mining Company has begun assembling sections of the biggest main conveyor with a length of 23 kilometres, which will connect the Solntsevsky coal mine with the Coal sea port of Shakhtersk. Along with high economic efficiency, the project combines modern technologies, advanced environmental standards and safety.

The object under construction is a complex of main conveyors, including transfer nodes and ramp, consisting of three sections. The mainline is located in a technological corridor, which includes a service road, power supply and communication lines, lighting and protective screens. The route was chosen taking into account the terrain and the technological features of the conveyor systems operation. The project envisages ground and above-ground sections of the ramp, depending on the need to cross water barriers and highways. The maximum height of the above-ground sections will reach 24 meters.

The sections of the coal conveyor are assembled on a specially equipped site. The assembled structures are verified by the quality control service and delivered to the installation site. Work on the construction of the road, foundations, and installation of structures is carried out simultaneously at all sections of the conveyor.

To ensure the compliance with the technical regulations and control the assembly of structures, a leading specialist of the developer and supplier of equipment, the French company RBL-REI SA, has arrived at the facility. During the visit, training seminars on the specifics of installation and the principles of equipment operation are held. Assembling and installation of the equipment at the facility is being conducted together with the Russian colleagues. The first ground section of the main conveyor has already been erected in the area of the Nikolskoye village in the Uglegorsky district. Each section is made of galvanized steel. The weight of one section exceeds 400 kg.

The state-of-the art technology is used in the construction process. Coal transportation speed along the main conveyor will be 5.5 meters per second. The facility under construction will allow the delivery of coal in the most environmentally friendly way, which is recognized throughout the world There are covers installed along the entire length of the conveyor, and dedusting systems are provided at the transfer nodes. The installation of dust collecting systems at the transfer nodes will allow achieving dust and gas removal efficiency of at least 95%. Thus, dust and noise exposure will be significantly reduced after the conveyor is started.

The implementation of the object also creates new jobs in the Uglegorsky district. As the project progresses, it is planned to recruit and train personnel to work on new high-tech equipment, attract highly qualified workers to operate the facility, and retain young specialists from the region.

The construction of the main coal conveyor is on the list of priority projects of the Sakhalin Oblast. The volume of coal transportation from the mine to the port will duplicate and in the future will reach 20 million tons per year. The increase in productivity will significantly affect the increase in tax deductions and will positively affect the development of the socio-economic situation in the region.

The main conveyor construction is implemented by East Mining Company within the framework of the Free Port of Vladivostok regime, which applies to the Uglegorsky region. The total investment in the project is projected to amount to over 7 billion rubles.