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EMCO joined the declaration of Business Russia for compliance with the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor during the period of COVID-19 epidemic

The East Mining Company was the first in the Sakhalin Region to join the declaration for self-organization of control over compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements and for adoption of other urgent health protection measures by the business community during the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19). This is the initiative of Business Russia urging to strict adherence to the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor aimed at restraining COVID-19 spread.

“As a socially responsible company, we additionally expressed our commitment and consistent efforts in the fight against the spread of the socially dangerous disease. Now a lot depends on each of us. In this difficult period it is important to observe anti-epidemiological and restrictive measures. This is the only way we can keep healthy and protect the health of the people around us”, said Maxim Kuzemchenko, General Director of the East Mining Company.   

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, EMCO has been implementing a comprehensive program to restrain the coronavirus infection in the Sakhalin Region. The company pro-actively interacts with the regional government, municipal authorities, Rospotrebnadzor and other representatives of supervisory and regulatory authorities. During this period, the key initiatives of the company for the Sakhalin Region were related to the purchase of express tests and transfer thereof to the Ministry of Health structures in the Uglegorsk region for testing local population and people arriving to the island, launch of production of medical masks, etc.

In order to minimize the risk of the spread of coronavirus infection, EMCO shifted 30% of its employees to remote work format. At the company production enterprises which preserved the uninterrupted production cycle, over 30% of the managerial staff and service personnel were shifted to remote work format.

Within the scope of the program for developed for prevention of the spread of coronavirus infection by EMCO jointly with authorities of the Sakhalin region, a special attention is paid to company personnel testing system. Since the pandemic's outset, the company has been operating a large-scale employee testing system. To date, 3,000+ tests have been conducted to detect COVID-19.   

Production grounds and equipment are sanitized by steam generators. The internal code of conduct has been tightened. All types of skin-to-skin contact are prohibited during greetings. All employees are provided with personal protective equipment. All the company's facilities are fitted with sanitizers to ensure that employees follow personal hygiene rules.  A regular disinfection regime during cleaning activities has been introduced.

EMCO jointly with the district administration launched the information campaign # TOGETHER_ AGAINST_ VIRUS, within the scope whereof a wide range of actions was undertaken to raise public awareness about measures and methods preventing coronavirus infection.

Any RF entrepreneur who shares the goals and principles of the declaration may accede to the declaration and make his/her own contribution to the fight against the spread of COVID-19.