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EMCO congratulated the residents of Uglegorsk district on the New Year in a new format

East Mining Company wished all residents of Uglegorsk district a happy new year in a unique format – the company offered everyone to take part in the adventure quest "Round-the-world trip in search of Santa Claus".

27 teams took part in the new year's quest. Participants prepared in advance, coming up with fun names and bright costumes.
Teams walked around the town, searching for secret codes, participating in sports competitions, solving puzzles and riddles. Each quest point was a special location in town, which only residents of Uglegorsk district could be aware of.  This game format was thought out in East Mining Company in advance – participants competed in knowledge of the history of their native area. Moving quickly around the town the teams created a holiday spirit for the other residents who saw the event. This format allowed to involve the maximum number of people in the festive event.

The main prize of the "Round-the-world trip" and gifts were won by "Kashchey’s brides". The team made the whole way with passion and under the motto "We’re Kashchey’s brides, playing quests is our love! We’re dancing, we’re singing, and we know we will win!". The team got the main prize – 20 200 rubles. The prize value is symbolic - it is associated with the upcoming year 2020. The second place was taken by the women's duo. The third prize went to the team "Sports school". All winners got prizes and gifts from East Mining Company.

Traditionally, the company is actively involved in the opening of the main Christmas trees in Uglegorsk and Shakhtersk. Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden gave all kids new year's sweets, and costumed character puppets handed around bright balloons. This format of East Mining Company participation in new year's festivities has already become traditional. This is why all children were so much looking forward to seeing fairytale characters with gifts.