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EMCO Supports the First Sakhalin Miners’ Swim

The event was coincided with the celebration of the Miners Day. The swim race took place off the mining coast in the Uglegorsk district of Sakhalin. Sakhalin public activists addressed the East Mining Company with an initiative to conduct it. The Uglegorsk city district administration was the co-arranger of the event.

Neither a moderately cold weather, nor the water temperature around  16 ° С could stop the participants in their swim. Swimmers covered a distance of about 8 kilometers in 4 hours. The swim participants alternately replaced each other, diving into the water from a motor boat that accompanied them throughout the route. 

Among the swim participants there were people of different ages. The oldest swimmer was 78 years old, the youngest one was 17 years old. Most of them are the members of the Aqua Sport Sakhalin Cold Training and Sports Winter Swimming Federation.

After the event, the members of the competition proposed to make this miners’ swim race a tradition.
- I plan to take part in it again next year. I hope the event will become annual and massive, - Igor Gurnov, the participant in the swim race, vice-mayor of the Uglegorsk city district, said.