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EMCO supported the “Home Country Morning” TV Movies Festival

East Mining Company Limited was acting as the Title Sponsor of the “Home Country Morning” TV Movies and Feature Motion Pictures Festival. The event took place in the city of Yuzhno-Sakahlinsk.

The competitive exhibition of 12 national series at various sites of the city, as well as open discussions of motion pictures by famous critics and viewers took place between 22 and 29 June. Vladimir Menshikov, an Oscar Winner Stage Director, chaired the Board of Judges, consisting of famous Russian motion picture industry public figures.

The residents of Sakhalin were also very glad to watch and participate in a rich non-competition program, prepared by the organizers of festival. Concerts of various performers, theatre productions and meetings with stage directors drew a full house to such presentations.

“Cinema- quotations» graffiti project in the streets of the city of Yuzhno-Sakahlinsk was a real outright gift for Sakhalin residents. Five walls of city buildings depicted the characters of popular Soviet and Russian motion pictures, painted by Far-East painters. The signatures of stage directors and actors of such motion pictures completed the creation of these objects d'art.

Sergei Zhigunov, the President of festival, producer, actor and stage director, when opening the project, thanked EMCO and personally Oleg Misevra, Board of Directors Chairman, for an active support of festival.

Rendering of assistance when organizing and holding the cultural events, being significant for the residents of Sakhalin region, is one the EMCO’s priority area of focus. Earlier the Company supported the «Ends of the Earth” cinema festival, so beloved by Sakhalin residents, and also the “Territory of Sakahlin” new theatre forum, which had taken place in the territory of the region.