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EMCO's staff have access to remote qualification tests in industrial safety

The personnel of Solntsevsky Coal Mine will do compulsory on-the-job industrial safety compliance tests remotely. For this purpose, East Mining Company provided connection to the Unified Portal of Rostechnadzor, thus becoming the first company in Sakhalin region to do that.

Advanced training in industrial safety requires that the employees complete a mandatory qualification course once in 5 years. Each year, about 200 employees of Solntsevsky Coal Mine successfully pass this course proving to be duly qualified. Previously, the only place where an employee could take a final test was the regional office of Rostechnadzor located in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

With a new test system integrated in the Unified Portal, employees can undergo this mandatory certification directly in the classroom at their company where the training itself takes place. For this purpose, the company purchased and installed special software allowing connection to Rostechnadzor Portal. Totally, 5 separate places have been equipped to fully satisfy the needs of East Mining Company and its contractors for testing their personnel. Data encryption tools have been set up to ensure that employees' personal data remain confidential. An additional video surveillance system guarantees quality and validity of tests.

"Our top priority is life and health of our employees. Connection to the Unified Portal of Rostechnadzor allows us to have better control over the quality of knowledge obtained by each employee in a certain field of competence and to make the certification procedure quicker and more comfortable. From now on, you don't have to travel to another city. Both the training and the final test are held within our classroom. This certification procedure will be also available for our contractors' staff working in the area of Solntsevsky Coal Mine. All this will help to achieve a higher level of safety at our company's facilities", said Ilya Sterlikov, Occupational and Industrial Safety Director of EMCO.