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EMCO rewarded the winners of the Regional Worldskills Russia Championship in the Sakhalin Region

Oleg Misevra, the Chairman of the EMCO Board of Directors, presented prizes and awards to the winners of the VI Regional Championship "Young Professionals" at WorldSkills Russia in the competence "Transport and Logistics". The awarding took place as part of the closing ceremony.

The founder of the successful and fast-developing coal company, one of the largest employers on the island, presented commemorative awards and money certificates to 12 winners in the Bulldozer Handling, Excavator Handling, Freight Vehicle Maintenance and Heavy Vehicle Maintenance competencies.

He made the point that the young people already have the basic skills for a professional start in the coal industry. “Currently the company is implementing a specialists training program in cooperation with the Sakhalin Mining Technical College. The next step will be work with schools and younger generation. It is important for us to get schoolchildren interested in a deeper study of the natural and exact sciences, which will help them to connect their lives with the coal industry in future”, commented Oleg Misevra.

Within the framework of the VI Regional Worldskills Russia Championship in the Sakhalin Region the East Mining Company acted as a social partner. The company's employees have been the experts at one of the sites. EMCO specialists also took part in the Business Program of the Championship. A number of meetings and round tables were held jointly with regional executive authorities, business and public organizations, heads of industry-specific education establishments and higher education institutions. The key agenda of the program was the strategy of staffing the island business. "Strategy of training personnel for the coal industry of the Sakhalin region" was a separate issue that has been considered. The issue of training specialists and workers for the coal industry enterprises in the region is one of the most important. The industry is developing and the need for new professional staff is growing as well.