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EMCO is geared towards employment of local specialists

East Mining Company took stock of the three-year cooperation with the Sakhalin Mining College. Since 2017, 64 students have done a training in the enterprise, 28 graduates have been employed. In total, 257 people who got apprenticeship in the mining college work at Solntsevsky Coal Mine. 

East Mining Company attracts subject matter experts, paying special attention to their professional training. In view of this, the key business asset of the company – Solntsevsky Coal Mine - supports the Sakhalin Mining College - the only educational institution in the region that trains qualified specialists in the applied professions of the coal mining industry.

Solntsevsky Coal Mine not only employs graduates of the college, but is also active at the stage of their training. The management of the company and the Sakhalin Mining College signed a cooperation agreement in the areas of staff training, retraining and development. The company representatives participate in key educational events of the college - round tables, formation and coordination of educational programs, meeting of the State Examination Commission. 

Every year, students of the college are being trained at the Solntsevsky Coal Mine in real production.  During the internship, many of the students receive a salary, which is an additional incentive bonus from the company. 

A milestone in cooperation between EMCO and educational institution is regular training of the college teaching staff at Solntsevsky Coal Mine.  This is an additional measure aimed at improving the quality of training of young professionals. 

- Every year the requirements for our graduates are increased. Accordingly, the requirements for our teachers are changing. Masters of industrial training and teachers in disciplines of a vocational cycle regularly undertake a traineeship at the coal mine, where they are being introduced to the mining and handling operations, - said the Deputy Director of the Sakhalin Mining College for research and methodological work Irina Khizhnyak.  

The college has an extensive park of training vehicles. In addition, in its arsenal there are interactive excavator, grader, loader and BelAZ simulators. 

Thus, the core enterprise and the key professional and educational institution of Uglegorsk district managed to achieve a unique symbiosis of cooperation, allowing the college to train professionals in demand on the local labor market. For instance, at the moment open cast mining specialists and mining dispatchers are needed.