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Food warehouse for ship crews arranged by EMCO

East Mining Company organized a specialized warehouse to provide food for the crews of ship fleet involved in loading operations in the Shakhtersk port. The product range of the warehouse is formed in strict accordance with the Government Decree on the food rations for the crews of sea and river vessels.

Initially, the fleet of Shakhtersk Coal Seaport consisting of 138 crew members was transferred to full support. Further it will be provided a single support for the "EMCO-Stevedore" fleet crew consisting of 139 people.

During the implementation of this project there was designed a warehouse on the port area and it was equipped with a modern food storage system including sealed medium-temperature refrigerating chambers. The grocery stock and its volume are formed according to the number of vessels. Thus stocks are constantly renewed which guarantees the freshness of the products. The latest is especially important for such categories as perishable food. The assortment of the warehouse consists of an average 75 products. It on a mandatory basis includes: cereals, flour, bread, meat and fish products, vegetables, fruits, confectionery.

Previously food for the crews was purchased from different suppliers which influenced the total cost upwards. There were also difficulties with the availability of mandatory positions. For example, the list includes fresh vegetables that due to the remoteness of the Uglegorsk District might not have been available from local suppliers. The opening of a single warehouse made it possible to make bulk purchases directly. A similar scheme applies to dairy and fish products. Everything is purchased directly from local producers who deliver fresh products straight to the Uglegorsk District.

The selection of quality products guarantees the most nutritious ration for the crews considering the specific nature of climatic conditions. For example, when sailing in the northern regions, it is obliged to include a sufficient amount of fat in food. Also there are always “storm” foods in the warehouse which take into account the ship's rocking.

“We not only form a high-quality range of products for the crews of ships operating in the Shakhtersk Coal Seaport, but also increase the attractiveness of the Uglegorsk District for Sakhalin manufacturers and large island suppliers by purchasing wholesale shipments of products from them”, EMCO commented.