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EMCO optimizes the scheme of delivery of diesel fuel to SCM

EMCO transfers the delivery of diesel fuel through the company main logistics asset - Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk. Now up to 50% of the volume of fuel consumed for production needs is delivered directly from CSPS to Solntsevsky Coal Mine. This logistics chain allows to make the distance from the port to the mine by 10 times shorter - from 300 to 30 kilometers, decrease the delivery time, as well as reduce the load on public roads and the amount of car exhaust.

As part of this project, several preparation works were carried out at Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk, all necessary licenses were obtained for cargo transshipment, and the fuel receiving equipment was purchased. Also, in the port water area, training exercises were held together with ECOSPAS emergency rescue unit during loading and unloading operations with petroleum products.

The first tanker with about 350 tons of diesel fuel arrived at Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk in July. As of today, more than 2 thousand tons of diesel fuel have already been shipped. In the future, the company plans to reach a monthly volume of 5 thousand tons.

"We checked the readiness of the port's employees to receive oil tankers. Today, all companies operating at the Arctic shelf show a very high level of training. This is an important part of the environmental safety of the port's water area, " commented Anatoly Balakin, Executive Director of Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk.  

Previously, the company received all the necessary amount of fuel through the port of Korsakov. This scheme will continue even now, but the volume of diesel fuel delivered using this algorithm will be reduced by nearly half.