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EMCO upgraded its mining and conveyor transport equipment

In 2019, East Mining Company invested more than 7 billion rubles in the development of production capacity of Solntsevsky Coal Mine. The investment was aimed at renewal of the main mining and conveyor transport equipment fleet. 

The company purchased 49 units of equipment Russian- and foreign-made.
Modernization of the main mining and conveyor transport equipment is one of the important components of the company's development strategy.  Such technical re-equipment is carried out every year. We purchase only the most modern high-performance equipment of both domestic and foreign production. This allows to achieve higher results in coal production. This year we have increased the production program by 2.5 million tons, commented Stanislav Wegner, Technical Director of Solntsevsky Coal Mine.

6 excavators, 2 graders, 7 bulldozers and 34 dump trucks have been added to the mining transport equipment. 

One of the most important acquisitions was the Russian-made EKG-20 excavator. On the territory of Solntsevsky Coal Mine, the first home-made excavator started to operate this spring. Its main distinction from the analogues is the modified bucket volume. Taking into account the local rock specifics, it was increased from the standard 20 to 22 cubic meters. Qualitative changes are also aimed at improving the reliability, lifetime of the machine and safety of operations.  The machine height is 17.6 meters, the width is more than 12 meters, and the weight is 800 tons.  In comparison with electro hydraulics, EKG-20 can significantly reduce the cost of overburden excavation by an average of 2-3 times. The annual stripping volume performed by the excavator is 7.5 million cubic meters. Today it is the largest representative of quarry machinery in Sakhalin.

Also this year, 5 Komatsu and Hitachi excavators started to work at mine. 

The mining transport equipment was supplemented by 5 tracked, 2 wheeled Komatsu bulldozers and 2 graders from a Japanese manufacturer.

The vehicle park of dump trucks has grown considerably. 34 vehicles were brought into operation at Solntsevsky coal mine.  
25 new BelAZ vehicles with a load capacity of 220 and 130 tons are occupied in overburden transportation. The coal mine employees note that despite the impressive size, modern models are convenient and maneuverable in operation.   
9 Komatsu trucks with a load capacity of 90 tons were put into service in 2019.   The equipment meets the highest international environmental requirements. For instance, the design includes technical solutions allowing to reduce the noise level and fuel consumption while maximizing productivity. The large truck hold ensures easy loading with minimal loss of rock mass.

East Mining Company carries out Solntsevsky Coal Mine modernization year-on-year. The enlargement of the mining and conveyor transport equipment is aimed at further growth of production capacity. In the future, the company intends to expand the production and shipment capacity to 20 million tons of coal per year.  

Increase in production adds to the company's tax payments. During the past year EMCO group of companies and its partners contributed almost 4 billion rubles to budget and unappropriated funds of all levels.