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EMCO secured 100% telecommunications coverage zone at Solntsevsky coal mine

The East Mining Company has implemented a project for improvement of the quality of communications at its mining asset, Solntsevsky coal mine. The project is aimed at securing the stable operation of Karier Automated Operations Control System Wi-Fi is used for telecommunication zone coverage with the application of seamless roaming MESH technology along the entire perimeter of the mine. 100% coverage allowed to increase almost tenfold the speed of data transfer between the equipment and the mine transportation complex automatic control system from 2 minutes to 15 seconds  

The company commenced implementation of the main part of the project for creation of the telecommunications coverage zone at the mine in the beginning of this year. For the said period the specialists of the East Mining Company studied the key factors affecting the quality of telecommunication at each point within Solntsevsky coal mine. The entire interaction circuit was analyzed, starting from the data generation by multiple telemetry sensors installed on the mine trucks and excavators, and ending up with the receipt of information in the database of the Karier Automated Operations Control System. The complexity of the project was caused by the characteristics of the mountainous terrain: the average depth of the mine is 200 meters, while the height differences achieve 300 meters. As a result, the location points of all communication towers was revised, and the proven global practices related to frequency planning were adapted and applied to eliminate the mutual negative impact of the towers. Currently, 8 stationary and 6 autonomous communication towers are installed at Solntsevo coal mine, each of them being equipped with a wind generator and two solar panels.

A new level of high-quality communication coverage enables use to further increase the efficiency of the mining equipment and optimize the costs. With the introduction of 100% communication coverage, new standards for installation of communication equipment on dump trucks and excavators were additionally developed. With the introduction of the automated operations control system, all units of equipment were provided with navigation and journey tracking tools to make it possible to keep the record of the volumes of mining operations, haulage distances, downtime, idle runs, and fuel consumption. All data from all vehicles via the telecommunication system is sent to the single control center, from where the automated control and recording of all operations is maintained.  

“High-quality communication is necessary for timely receipt of information and ensuring uninterrupted control of all processes in real time. The work performed ensure the maximum coverage of the entire area of Solntsevsky coal mine, which is 14 square kilometers. All communication circuits perform as a single organism, and data is displayed in real-time in the AOCS”, said Alexey Sharabarin, the Director of Solntsevsky coal mine.