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EMCO is launching a program for personnel vitaminization

The Vostochnaya Mining Company has launched a program for personnel vitaminization to enhance immunity and reduce the risk of being infected with SARS and influenza. Within the scope of the program the company purchased medicines the list of which was generated with allowance for possible deficiency of vitamins in the autumn-winter period and specifics of production operations. The company implements such a project for the first time and expects to launch this program on the annual basis.  

The Vitamin campaign will become the second phase of preventive measures for mitigating the risk of SARS infection among employees after the influenza vaccination program, which was implemented earlier in the early September. EMCO management was fully aware of the high responsibility in drafting the list of vitamin preparations. To draft the list of the required vitamins in the period of the growing number of acute respiratory diseases, consultations were held with medical professionals and the successful experience of the existing programs was reviewed. In selection of the vitamins the experts took into account the climatic features of the region of stay and the assortment of the food basket in the autumn. This made it possible to generate the basic list of vitamins producing a favorable effect on improvement of the immune system and reinforcement of the human body's defense. The prepared multivitamin complex is issued to each employee and is intended for course use.  

“The company pays great attention to the state of health of its employees. And our approach to such events is very special. The global situation with COVID-19 requires us to take additional measures in order to preserve and improve the health of our personnel”, commented Ilya Sterlikov, EMCO Director for Occupational and Industrial Safety. 

High alert mode is maintained at all assets of the East Mining Company for prevention of coronavirus infection. The developed testing system and the restrictive measures introduced by the company since the pandemic's outset allow keeping the workforce healthy and contribute to seamless work across all the facilities.