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Nataliya Devyataykina

EMCO Ltd. and its service companies doubled the volume of payments to the budget in 2018

As compared with 2017, not only the number of tax payments but the volume of deductibles to the non-budget funds was increased twofold, i.e. in the aggregate, they amounted to 3,95 billion rubles. Approximately 60% of that sum accounted for tax payments to the budgets of Sakhalin Region, and in particular to the budgets of Uglegorsk district being the crucial area for the company's business.

The notable increase of the taxation base and tax payments is primarily conditional upon the growth in incomes from core business: following the results of 2018 – the production and shipment performances exceeded 7,5 million tons of coal. For reference, in 2017 the company mined 4 million tons and exported 4,8 million tons.

Furthermore, the overall number of employee's positions was increased up to 3 000: both in EMCO Ltd. and in its service companies. According to the growing business needs in 2018, the Uglegorsk district becomes the place for another 500 employee's positions. Nowadays, East Mining Company Limited is the major employer and taxpayer in the district. It is important to emphasize that at the end of 2018 the change of the registered office of EMCO Ltd.'s parent company: the new registered office in Shakhtersk will provide with the option to consolidate the entire taxable base in the territory of the municipal formation, and to boost from now forth the volumes of tax liabilities to the local budget.

Moreover, East Mining Company Limited systematically encourages the projects of social importance oriented towards the development of sports and culture. Fifty-six rubles were allocated for these objectives in 2018. Beyond that, in order to support the local residents engaged in the use of the furnace heating, by virtue of the relevant arrangements with the Administration of the Uglegorsk municipal district, EMCO Ltd. supplies coal at a social cost. The cost of 1 ton of such fuel for the residents of the Uglegorsk district 2-3 times less than the price being actual in other municipal formations of Sakhalin. The Solntsevsky Coal Mine, being operated by EMCO Ltd., shipped in 2018 more than 5 thousand tons of coal for the needs of the public in the district.