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EMCO keeps a hand on "PULSE"

As part of a large-scale project to digitize all production processes East Mining Company began developing its own PULSE software for online monitoring of the current situation with regard to the performance of each unit of mining equipment at the Solntsevsky Coal Mine.

The developers of the PULSE program are the East Mining Company and Solntsevsky Coal Mine specialists. Due to that it was possible to determine the actual need of production and create a convenient and effective interface considering real tasks. In total over 20 people are working on the creation of the new program.

PULSE system has been launched in test mode at the open pit since March 2021 and the first results of implementation have already been recorded. Downtime of dump trucks waiting for load was reduced depending on the model by 14-24%, downtime of excavators due to the lack of vehicles decreased by 32-42% and the average downtime of excavator equipment was reduced by 10-13%.

For creating the PULSE program has been used a cascade approach. At the first stage  the Solntsevsky Coal Mine specialists formed the key requirements for the program based on the characteristics of the production process. At the second stage, IT and digital specialists got involved in product development. Since March the software has been tested for performance under real production conditions at the mine. The third stage is testing the developed software. For this purpose the Solntsevsky Coal Mine introduced the practice of “Single day of dispatching” within which an “ideal work shift” was organized with the active use of “PULSE”. This made it possible to identify the strengths of the program and identify areas for improvement. Also within the framework of the "single day of dispatching" the program was tested by dispatchers for its convenience within the work shift.

“It was a productive experience for everyone involved. We saw the maximum work of the control room in practice when using the created program. We analyzed the reaction to possible emergency situations. Identified what additional management decisions and organizational resources can be applied. Based on their analysis additional algorithms will be developed to increase the speed of response," - Andrey Dorogov, Head of the EMCO development team.

The main goal of creating the program was the need to control the quality of the working process of mining equipment: indication of events for downtime, overloads, underloads, and an increase in the time of the dump truck loading cycle. For example, earlier the dispatch office received data on the idle or operation of equipment. It was not possible to carry out a gradation of the work quality and the degree of influence for various factors. The PULSE program solved this problem by displaying the status of each piece of equipment involved in the production process on the dispatcher's monitor. Excavators were the first to be introduced into the program, followed by dump trucks. The created system implies extended functionality for dispatch control with the aim of promptly identifying emerging problems and their prompt elimination. With the help of the monitor of key events created within the framework of the program, the dispatcher monitors the production situation in the open pit online identifying possible deviations and takes the necessary actions to eliminate them. The information on the monitor is updated every 20-30 seconds. Also using a special classifier program the dispatcher identifies the cause of the problem that led to a performance decrease. All information on the result of the shift is automatically transferred to operational management reporting.

The system is already actively used by the Solntsevsky Coal Mine dispatchers. At the same time it is filled with the necessary additional modules to increase the efficiency of mining transport equipment.