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«ВГК» автоматизировала систему медицинских осмотров

East Mining Company, steam coal leading producer with coal mining in Sakhalin and one of the largest Russian exporters of brown coal to the Asia-Pacific countries, has completed the first stage of implementation of the electronic system of pre-shift and post-shift medical examinations (ESME) at its business assets. Six fully autonomous diagnostic systems were installed in the medical facility at EMCO main producing company - Solntsevsky Coal Mine. 

"With ESME introduction, we were the first in the region to automate this daily, routine procedure, reducing the average check-up time to 1 minute," said Ilya Sterlikov, Director of Health & Safety. "the devices display objective readings, completely exclude the human factor and any possibility of result falsification."

Automation of medical examinations is aimed at increasing safety and productivity, and regular staff health monitoring contributes to improving labor discipline.

The equipment records the pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, and conducts alcohol, toxic, or drug intoxication test. Based on the data obtained, the system automatically evaluates staff aptitude for work and controls access to the area of performance of work duties.

After the completion of the test period and debugging of key processes on the basis of Solntsevsky Coal Mine, it is planned to implement similar complexes at other company assets.  
ESME system functionality also provides for maintaining an electronic medical record of each employee, which allows displaying patient data in dynamics. In addition, with the innovative system it is possible to conduct general health screening. It allows to quickly identify possible deviations in medical indicators and, if necessary, send the employee for a more detailed examination. ESME system already helped to diagnose increased blood pressure of several employees. They were sent for special examination.

As part of the digital transformation strategy, East Mining Company is implementing a set of measures to improve the efficiency of key business processes. These efforts involve not only the introduction of advanced IT and other knowledge-intensive solutions and practices, but also focus on improving the quality of management and communication expertise, as well as optimizing related processes.