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Acting Governor of the Sakhalin Region visited EMCO Ltd.'s assets in Shakhtersk

Mr. Valery Limarenko, Acting Governor of the Sakhalin Region, visited the Solntsevsky Coal Mine, LLC and the Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk, LLC as part of his business trip. Such a business trip was initiated due to EMCO, Ltd.'s record performance figures in the previous 2018, and by the growth prospects as well. Mr. Oleg Misevra, the Chairman of East Mining Company Limited's Board of Directors, personally told this to the Head of the Region.

At the Solntsevsky Coal Mine, the Head of the Region was the bystander of the operation of the cutting-edge and efficient quarry machinery in Sakhalin, i.e. the BelAZ dump trucks with carrying capacity being equal to 220 tons. More than 150 items of the state-of-the-art and heavy-duty mining and conveyor equipment are in the enterprise's inventory. This year it is scheduled to increase the machinery park up to 207 items. It is expected that the ЭКГ-20 mining excavator with unique specifications will be delivered. This mining excavator was specially manufactured at the Uralmashzavod on request of EMCO Ltd. The bucket capacity was increased from standard 20 m3 up to 22 m3.

Mr. Valery Limarenko also visited the operations control center of the opencast coal mine, where he got himself familiar with the peculiarities of usage of digital techniques during coal extraction. The enterprise demonstrates the computer-aided operation of mining and conveyor machinery; the monitoring, analysis, and coordination of transport operations are supported by the customized application here. The revamping to digital control provided with the option to optimize the manufacturing cycles to a considerable extent. EMCO plans to promote the development of this course.

The participants of the official visit went to see the marine vessels freight checkpoint being on the cusp of opening. Its operation will provide with the opportunity to reduce the time (one day instead of three) for the customs check of the vessels which cross the state border and head for the Shakhtersk seaport. In the meanwhile, both prior to arrival to Shakhtersk and after the arrival, the vessels are upon compulsion to have checkout operations in the seaport of the city of Kholmsk. The checkpoint was built at the expense of EMCO, Ltd., but the other coal companies in Uglegorsk district will be able to use its services.

Mr. Oleg Misevra told in details about the development of port capacities. Thus, the commissioning in 2018 of Emco-1, the loading vessel (being of capacity equal to 2500 t/h), enhanced the company's export potential, and the freight vessels of the Panamax type (tonnage from 7 thousand tons) came to the shores of Sakhalin for the first time ever. The plans show us the expansion of production capacities of own roadstead fleet in order to have an opportunity to load the vessels being of 150 thousand tons' tonnage.

The company puts a special focus in its activities on environmental protection measures. In this regard, the first stage of wastewater treatment units was launched at the opencast coal mine, the productiveness of which is being scheduled to be 500 m3/h by 2021. Moreover, the activities with respect to reduction of the port dust hazard for the surrounding area were accomplished. The dust suppression mobile machine was brought into operation. It is being planned to equip this year the port territory with the stormwater treatment plant. The environmental monitoring system was fine-tuned both at the opencast coal mine and in the port.

EMCO Ltd.'s key priority is the implementation of the investment project for the establishment of the top exporter of power-generating coal to the Asia-Pacific Region countries. The project provides for construction in Uglegorsk district of the 28-km trunk coal conveyor and deep-water coal port in order to increase the production and shipment of coal. The implementation of the project will be implemented with the use of advantages given by the Free Port of Vladivostok. EMCO Transport systems company, being the subsidiary company of EMCO, Ltd., was established for these purposes. EMCO Transport systems company was assigned a resident status.