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The main stage of construction of a 23-kilometer coal conveyor begins in Uglegorsk district

In Uglegorsk district, Sakhalin region, East Mining Company starts the main phase of construction of a 23-kilometer long main coal conveyor that will connect Solntsevsky Coal Mine and Port of Shakhtersk. It will be not only the most extensive in Russia, but also one of the most technologically based and environmentally friendly in the world. The conveyor will allow to stop coal haulage by cars, thereby improving the ecology of the region.

At the moment, a positive conclusion has been received from the State Expert Administration of the Sakhalin region on the design documentation and the engineering survey results of the conveyor construction project, which allowed to start tendering process for a contractor to carry out construction and installation activities. Site work will begin after obtaining a building permit.

French company RBL-REI SA, globe's leader in the sector of engineering of such systems, is the equipment supplier. All delivered equipment for the conveyor is certified and subject to declaration in compliance with the Technical regulation on safety of machinery and equipment of the Customs Union of the states-members of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).  

The conveyor capacity will reach 4200 tph with a belt width of 2000 mm, working at a rate of 5.5 m/s. Each of the two main long curved segments is equipped with drive stations with a capacity of 8000 kW.

The implementation of each stage of the project is carried out taking into account all the requirements set by the environmental regulation of the Russian Federation. To reduce the environmental impact, it will be an enclosed-type conveyor gallery. Dust separation equipment is also part of installation. All equipment will be made soundproof. 
On top of this, the conveyor commissioning will reduce the load on local roads. This will also influence the improvement of the environmental conditions in the area. 

The implementation of a unique project in Russia is carried out owing to the flow of investments in Free port of Vladivostok mode, the application of which is extended to the Uglegorsk district.
The main conveyor construction will create additional high technology jobs and significantly increase tax deductions to the regional and municipal budgets. 

According to the plan, the conveyor line construction will be completed in 2021.

The needed investments are estimated at 10 billion rubles. According to the integrated strategy of East Mining Company, the construction of the main coal conveyor is one of the key measures to further increase the coal production and shipment in Uglegorsk district. In a prospect, the company plans to go out on a production and shipment within the limits of 20 million tons of coal per year.