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The first-ever state control of vessels was held in the port of Shakhtersk

Customs and border clearance at the terminal used to be an impossible task. All the vessels crossing the Russian border and en-route for loading of coal in mining and had to undergo the state control in the city of Kholmsk. 

The first innovators were the tenants and crews of the foreign bulk carriers NAVIOS PROSPERITY and TOP FAIR, who entered the port with the opening of navigation in 2019. One vessel with a deadweight of 75,000 tons will deliver coal to consumers in South Korea, the other - a 55-thousandth - will go with cargo to China. Border and customs officers had inspected them before the vessel’s loading.

These procedures in the port of Shakhtersk became possible due to the construction of a permanent border crossing point here. It was erected and equipped with funds from the East Mining Company. The members of the interdepartmental commission of federal authorities who visited the port on the eve of navigation highly assessed the level of manufacturability and comfort of the new facility.

- Earlier for loading of vessels in Shakhtersk, the vessel had to reach the port of Kholmsk, and there they waited for the queue to open the border, then followed along Sakhalin to the port of Shakhtersk, was loaded, again followed in Kholmsk for the closure of the border. Now this “shoulder” is excluded, and vessels proceed directly from a foreign state to the port of Shakhtersk. As a result, the time limits for the passage of procedures by the vessel are reduced from about 3 to 1 day, - said the first deputy head of the Sakhalin customs for customs control Evgeny Ryabtsev.

The new checkpoint is not the only innovation of this year’s navigation. During the period of its operation, EMCO plans to transship 10 million tons of coal through the port of Shakhtersk, which is almost 3 million tons more than last year. To a significant increase in shipments, the company prepared the necessary port infrastructure and strengthened its fleet. 

- We are entering the new navigation season with more powerful Russian-made conveyors. Due to the commissioning of two new conveyor belts, the volume of coal transportation from storage sites to modern loading machines, which were installed on the pier this year, is increasing from 2,500 tons to 8,200 tons per hour. Thus, today we have the most powerful conveyor network in the Far East, ”said Yury Gvozdikov, executive director of the Shakhtersk coal seaport.

In the nearest future, we expect the arrival of a dry cargo Capesize type vessel with a deadweight of 150,000 tons, which is the first ever in the history of Sakhalin. EMCO has received such an opportunity due to the purchase of self-propelled barges with a capacity of 7,500 tons of coal each and a more productive floating loading terminal.