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The Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk celebrates a milestone: 10 million tonnes of coal shipped

The Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk, one of the key assets of the East Mining Company, has shipped a record amount of coal since the beginning of 2020. As of October 28, the volume of transshipped coal has reached 10 million tonnes for the first time ever. The milestone has been reached since the beginning of sailing season in 2020. In 2019, the total shipped amount was 8.8 million tonnes.  

Perseas, a bulk carrier that shipped the record-breaking amount of coal, is now staying at the Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk. The vessel took on 72,810 tonnes of coal and soon will head to a destination port in Korea.

“Despite the slumping demand for Russian coal, the East Mining Company is still one of the major exporters to countries of the Asia-Pacific, due to the high quality of shipped products and the advanced logistic chain. Every year, the Company increases amounts of shipped coal. For this purpose, the production capacities are upgraded, and the fleet is expanding. For instance, new barges and tugs have been added to our fleet since the beginning of the year. The port boundaries have also been expanded. Altogether, that increases the shipping rates and will allow us to reach the shipping amount of 20 million tonnes per year”, commented Anatoly Balakin, Executive Director at the Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk.

By the end of 2020, the East Mining Company is planning to reach the approximate amount of 10.6 million tonnes of exported coal. At the beginning of 2021, the Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk is going to be reconstructed. In terms of development, the currently implemented measures are targeted on increasing the volume of transshipped coal.

The Company in a nutshell:

The East Mining Company was established in 2013 and now is a leading producer of thermal coal mined on Sakhalin. It is one of the ten largest companies in the Russian coal industry in terms of product sales for 2019. EMCO operates in line with the principle of the full production cycle, from extraction to shipment of products. The key industrial assets in the Sakhalin Region are the Solntsevsky Coal Mine in the Uglegorsk District and the Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk, which has a free port status. EMCO is implementing a project for construction of the longest main coal conveyor in the Russian Federation. It has over 300 million tonnes of coal reserve on Sakhalin approved by the state register of national resources, as well as discovered reserves of over 100 million tonnes in the Magadan Region.