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EMCO traditional winter contest brought together children and adults in making snow sculptures

East Mining Company together with the editorial office of the newspaper Uglegorsk news and regional educational department, held a competition for the best snow sculpture "Snow contest". It was attended by pre-schoolers and children from primary schools in Uglegorsk district. 

The participants made snow sculptures on the premises of their educational facilities. The kids used various attributes in their work. They were actively supported by their grownups: teachers, parents, brothers and sisters. The contest turned out to be truly family one. The kids have made cute fairy-tale characters. The symbol of the new year - the mouse was the most popular one. 

The finest works of schoolchildren and preschoolers were chosen after the public vote on the Uglegorsk news website. Up to 6 thousand people cast their votes.

Among infant schools, the 2nd junior class of Uglegorsk Pre-K No. 26 Snow Mouse took the lead. The senior group of Boshnyakovo Pre-K No. 22 with their sculpture Lady Mouse came in second.  The third place was given to the Mouse with cheese of the 1st junior class of Shakhtersk Pre-K No. 14.

Uglegorsk secondary school No. 5 won among school children. The kids put to the vote their work called "Visiting EMCO". Silver went to Uglegorsk secondary school No. 1 fourth graders for their work "Megaoctopy with wishes". “Penguin family” made by Boshnyakovo secondary school 3rd class got the bronze.    

Winners in special nomination from East Mining Company "For the will to win" were preschoolers of Porechye secondary school. The company's employees recognized their passion to win. The kids presented to the competition 3 works at once.  

East Mining Company representatives personally congratulated the winners, arranging a real celebration with the ceremony of sweet gifts and toys. They also acknowledged the work of the teachers who organized children's teams and helped them in creating snow works. They got diplomas and letters of thanks.  
Such contests have become a good tradition. Last year EMCO organized the contest of decorative and applied arts "Christmas souvenir" among preschoolers. This year the number of participants has significantly increased — snow sculptures were made by preschoolers and primary school children of the district.