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The Victory Day Parade with participation of East Mining Company Limited took place in Uglegorsk

The Victory day was celebrated in Uglegorsk district on May 9 with district institutions participating in the parade, laying a floral wreath on the common grave of soldiers who died during Sakhalin liberation campaign.

The representatives of East Mining Company Limited traditionally participated in the Victory Parade.

EMCO’s column was represented by excavator operators, dump trucks drivers, dockers, staff department representatives, engineers, technicians and managers. One thing united all of them – they all wanted to honor the memory of those who protected our motherland and defended the hard-won freedom.

- Today we all celebrate the Victory Day. Our team annually takes part in the parade,laying floral tributes to the tombs of the fallen soldiers, honoring veterans and every single person, who one way or another participated in the war, fulfilled the patriotic duty, who won and brought peace to the world. We should remember about this act of heroism and turn it to lifelong memory. I congratulate us all on the occasion of the Victory Day, the day we won the Great Patriotic War, said Igor Kovach, the Director of Solntsevsky Coal Mine.

For years East Mining Company Limited has been honoring every single veteran of Uglegorsk district on the eve of the Great day. Thus, the company representatives visited all the participants of the Great Patriotic War, and underage prisoners of concentration camps, and home front workers, giving them gifts, flowers and greeting cards. 

Apart from that the company contributed to organizing meetings of veterans, where they could sing songs of wartime and share their memories of the darkest days.