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The Seal Coal port of Shakhtersk forwarded for export 1 mln tons of coal

The East Mining Company coal terminal gains traction with respect to coal shipping. In early June the "Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk" transshipped 1 million tonnes of coal.

As a comparison, this volume in 2016 was approached on 23 June only. In this fashion, the dockworkers could boost their figures by 3 weeks.

Previously, the East Mining Company renewed the port capacities. The shoveling machine was purchased (capacity 2,5 thou t/h). From the beginning of this year the new loading plant "Stacker" had been operated in the port. This is a telescopic conveyer that provides with the option to load the ships on the berth. The process unit's capacity is 1 thou t/h. The new equipment was assembled in Russia out of the Russian-manufactured components. The plant authorized to expand the range of loading works. Nowadays, two vessels can be loaded simultaneously on the berth.

This year the company's own fleet will be supplemented with six new vessels. Each vessel's deadweight will be 650 tons. Due to expansion of the fleet the company is eager to build up the shipping by 1 mln tons per year.

Another newly-designed item is the navigational support system. The East Mining Company expended more than 10 mln. roubles for its purchase. The system provides the vessels with the option to enter the mucking bucket for loading in the dark. Formerly, the loading on the berth in the mucking bucket could be performed in daylight hours.

The achievement of the millionth ton of dispatch is not the unique result of the "Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk" since the beginning of the year. At the end of May the dockworkers made a daily record not only if judging by the enterprise but for Sakhalin in whole. Per a day the dockers of the terminal shipped 32 thou tons of coal. The previous record of the "Coal Sea Port of Shakhtersk" equal to 30 thou tons was made in June 2016.

The achievement of such figures is the desert of the corporate team. The administration uses efforts for continuous advanced training in favour of dockers. The training is being performed with the help of up-to-date simulators, which imitate in full the docker's operation. The result is set forth in the job performance standards, in enterprise's records.

Conventionally, the coal from the sea port of Shakhtersk is forwarded to the consumers in Korea, Japan, China and other countries of the Asia-Pacific Region. At the anchorage of the sea port of Shakhtersk, the vessels with the deadweight of primarily 55 thou tons can be loaded.

The East Mining Company has the plans to increase the export of coal through the sea gates of Shakhtersk up to 10 mln tons per year. For this purpose the company implements the integrated investment project. The basis for this will be the modernization of the "Solntsevskiy opencast coal mine" production, construction of the deep-sea terminal in the sea port of Shakhtersk and construction of the conveyor from the coal mining site to the sea port of Shakhtersk.