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The Port of Shakhtersk Ships for Export 1,889 Million Tons of Coal for 11 Months

Obogatitelnaya fabrika being a part of East Mining Company shipped for export 1,889 million tons of coal for 11 months of this year.  This is more than 62 percent more than for the same period in 2013.

In general, the share of the Port of Shakhtersk in the export supplies of coal in the region exceeded 62 percent. The nearest competitor - the port of Uglegorsk - shipped more than 4 times less coal.

The increase in the volume of shipments is a result of the active investment work of East Mining Company. Only this year the volume of investments exceeded 250 million rubles. Using these funds, a major modernization of the loading complex was carried out, storage areas were enlarged, new equipment was purchased, including new units of the port fleet.

Also, more than by 50 percent - up to 253 people - the number of employees of the port increased. The average salary also increased up to 58.4 thousand rubles a month (this is 10 percent higher than the average salary in the region).

In December, loading operations in the Port of Shakhtersk will continue if there are favorable weather conditions. In addition, this winter icebreaker tugs will be operating in the port, which enable to handle dry-cargo vessels including in case of ice, reports with reference to the press service of the mining company.