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The Icons for the Church in Uglegorsk were consecrated in Sakhalin Eparchy

The Uglegorsk is now still famous for beautification of the church constructed thanks to the support of the East Mining Company engaged in coal mining in Uglegorsk district and its transportation through the sea port to other countries.

Now the attention is primarily focused on the interior decoration. Hitherto the electronic bellman was installed on the bell-tower. In times to come plans call for arrangement of square in the proximity of the church. The icons are composed as well.

Two icons are already in Sakhalin by aircraft. These are, for certain, the most venerated icons, i.e. the Icon of Holy Martyress Barbara, the Patroness of mine workers, and the St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, the Patron of sailors.

The large temple icons are made in Dubna (township in Moscow Region) during two months. The author is one icon painter, but the style of creation varies so much that one gets the impression that various craftsmen were engaged in the creation of that masterpiece.

"It just turned out that way due to the fact that when selecting icons different images were looked through, - comments Alexander Samoilovich, the Company's Press Secretary, - we took various photos of icons and brought them for approval of Father Anatoliy (the Archpriest Anatoliy Grekhov – the Senior Priest of the Church in Uglegorsk). The Father selected two images and we just ordered them then".

Special-purpose icon cases with the glass are made for those icons. The other workshop in Moscow was engaged in their creation. The images of Holy Persons were transported in icon cases at once. From the airport the delegation of meters and attendants was headed to diocesan administration in the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in order to have the icons consecrated by Tikhon, the Archbishop of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Kuriles.

"Beautiful icons of a very good writing, they are very expensive masterpieces", - noted the Archiereus, looking at delivered relics, - Well-deserved images for the church".

The icons were taken out from the icon cases in order to prepare them for consecration giving the time for admiration. Upon arrival of Mr. Oleg Miserva, the Chairman of the Company's Board of Directors, who met the icons with not less delighted look, the Rite of Consecration was initiated.

Heartfelt precatory prayers, church chants, asperges… Solemnly and decorously.

Again the icons are being taken to the vehicle and started to the seaport town at the shore of Tatar Strait, on the west cost of Sakhalin. There they will be mounted at both sides of the Church in Uglegorsk for spiritual support of all residents of nearshore village.

Source: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Kuriles Eparchy.