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The Governor of Sakhalin presented in Moscow the Project for Construction of a 28 Kilometer Conveyor to the Port of Shakhtersk

The Sakhalin project for the construction of a large coal conveyor will be supported by the Far East Development Fund. According to the press service of the Governor of Sakhalin Region, the head of the region presented it in Moscow at a meeting of the government subcommittee on the implementation of investment projects in the Far East and the Baikal region.

According to Oleg Kozhemyako, a 28-kilometer-long line from the Solntsevsky deposit to the Coal Port of Shakhtersk will enable to significantly reduce the load on the road network of Uglegorsk District. It will also help to increase the export of solid fuels to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

The implementation of the first stage of the large-scale project will allow miners to bring coal production up to 5 million tons a year instead of the current three tons. The second stage will increase this figure to 10 million tons per year. As a part of the project, there will be another technical re-equipment of the coal loading complex in Shakhtersk.

"The project is quite interesting. It is also important that new jobs will be created. The Fund of the Far East Development will certainly help in its implementation",  - Yuri Trutnev, presidential envoy in the Far East Federal District, said.

The total cost of the project, which was initiated by the largest coal mining company of Sakhalin - East Mining Company is 45.1 billion rubles. Investments of the Far East Development Fund will amount to 2.8 billion rubles.

"This is a city-forming enterprise for Uglegorsk District, which employs about a thousand people. Creation of transport logistics of a new direction for Sakhalin and the Far East as a whole is a promising project that makes it possible to transport coal over long distances, allows reducing the cost of expenditures, and contributes to the improvement of the environmental situation. Today transportation is carried out by multi-ton trucks that break roads, create inconveniences for the residents, because of which there were many appeals to the authorities of Sakhalin Region,  - the head of the region noted.

Oleg Kozhemyako especially emphasized that as a part of the second stage of the project, by 2025 it is planned to create 350 new jobs, get 24.3 billion rubles of taxes and increase the gross regional product by 90.8 billion rubles.

Construction of a large coal conveyor will be supported by the Sakhalin Region Development Fund. Regional authorities intend to support also other projects that are useful for the island economy.