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The Far East Railroad Management Summed Up Preliminary Results of the Outgoing Year

According to Gennady Nesteruk, the first deputy head of the Far East Railroad, a branch of Russian Railways (FER) - on the matters of economy, finance and corporate coordination, it is expected that the load on the highway will increase by 3% by the end of the year and will reach 49.7 million tons. The main increase in volumes will be obtained through transportation of hard coal. In particular, the shipment for Primorskugol OJSC (a part of SUEK) and HC Yakutugol JSC (a subsidiary of Mechel). will be increased by 3.4 million tons or 19.3% to the level of 2014. 

If the first company mostly delivers the products to the domestic market, then the second one does it mainly for export. According to Vladimir Artemiev, deputy general director and director of production operations of Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK), the growth in supplies is associated with an increased demand for coal from Russian energy generating companies. "During the year, the coastal coal miners were confidently increasing production volumes ahead of schedule," - he told. 

The coal shipment is also increasing in Sakhalin. As the domestic market reduced the demand for solid fuels in connection with the transition of energy facilities to natural gas, Sakhalin miners began to work more actively on foreign markets. According to the Government of Sakhalin Region, local enterprises produced 3.7 million tons of coal in January-October. This is 104.8% compared to the same period of 2014. 

The main channel for the export of coal product today in Sakhalin is the Port of Shakhtersk, which is managed by East Mining Company (EMCO). In 2012, 600 thousand tons of coal were shipped through it, 1.2 million tons in 2013, and 2 million tons in 2014. This year the scheduled shipments are at the level of 3.5 million tons.
Since there are small depths in the water area of ​​Shakhtersk, raid loading is developing here.  After purchase of a new loader-hulk last autumn, it became possible to ship coal to Panamax type vessels with deadweight of 70-80 thousand tons. "This will enable the company to become a reliable supplier of coal in Malaysia, India, the Philippines," – EMCO representatives said. 

As it was noted at the final meeting in the Far East Railroad, in 2016 the Far East Railroad plans to increase the loading by 4.4% - up to 51.9 million tons. The coal miners of the region should become the growth stimulus.