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The cargo handling capacity of the EMCO was replenished with vessels of 7.5 thousand tons

Four new hundred-meter vessels with a carrying capacity of 7,500 tons each were delivered from the Indonesian shipyard to the Sakhalin port of Korsakov on a special transport vessel Heavy Lift. Cargo was in transit for about two weeks. After the completion of the customs procedures, the vessels proceeded to the port of Shakhtersk in the Uglegorsk district, where they will start operating in the coming days. They will be used for coal transshipment at the pier - raid site.

New vessels were acquired with the participation of foreign capital by EMCO Stividor, established for the development of road shipment of coal in the Uglegorsk district in the Free Port of Vladivostok mode.
In the nearest future, another EMCO Stividor vessel will approach the shores of Sakhalin - the floating terminal “RT GENOVA” with a lifting capacity of 55,000 tons. The vessel has a loading speed of 4,000 tons per hour. The vessel also proceeds from Indonesia, but it will reach its new destination on its own. 

In terms of their technical characteristics and performance, new vessels have no analogs in the Far East, and the "RT GENOVA" loading crane is a unique complex for Russia in general.

East Mining Company annually increases coal export volumes. This year they will be increased by a third - up to 10 million tons of coal. New vessels will allow achieving the planned volume. They allow the handling of large-tonnage dry cargo vessels with almost no deadweight restrictions. New vessels have already received the right to sail under the national flag of the Russian Federation.