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Сотрудники угольного порта «Шахтерск» провели ознакомительную экскурсию для школьников

Employees of the East Mining Company Marine Terminal of the coal sea port Shakhtersk conducted an excursion for sixth-graders of the municipal school №1. The event was held as part of a comprehensive program for vocational guidance of students. Children were introduced to key production facilities and processes, and they were also told about the features of the main port specialties.

“Such excursions are held at the company enterprises regularly. They allow future graduates to be interested in this sphere, show them the scale and perspective,” says Yury Gvozdikov, executive director of UMPSH. “We are very willing to hire young specialists, improve our qualifications, and in every possible way encourage the pursuit of continuous professional development.”

Photo: “Uglegorsk news”