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Solntsevsky Coal Mine Remedies Earthquake Consequences

According to the EMERCOM of Russia for the Sakhalin Region, an earthquake was registered on September 14 at 00:42 a.m. 38 km south-east of Uglegorsk and 57 km south-west of Poronaysk. The magnitude was 4.7, and the depth was 11 km.

The Solntsevsky Coal Mine, located in the Uglegorsky District, also felt the tremors. On September 14, at 00:43 a.m., an automatic shutdown of the transformer substation was recorded at the Solntsevsky Coal Mine, which resulted in a power failure of 4 high-performance excavators and the full stop of equipment at the Mine. It took more than 1 hour to restore power. From 01:53 a.m. on, the Maine has been operating normally. Employees are safe and unharmed. The vehicles are in good condition. Currently, the work is underway to identify damage to the facilities.