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Solntsevsky Coal Mine Supports the Development of the Children's Museum in Uglegorsk District

The implementation of this project is another step in the cooperation between the enterprises of East Mining Company and the museums of Sakhalin Region in order to create and support the museum and exhibition resources dedicated to the history and current stage of development of the Sakhalin coal industry. Previously, the company helped in the buildup of a thematic exhibition of the Regional Local History Museum.

The Children's Museum appeared in one of the preschool institutions of Uglegorsk. The idea of its creation was implemented by teachers as part of the project on moral and patriotic education of the younger generation.

The museum displays exhibits that reflect the history of Uglegorsk district. The main exposition is dedicated to the activities of Solntsevsky coal mine - the municipality city-forming enterprise. The mockup demonstrating the process of coal mining was made by teachers and pupils of a preschool institution by themselves. One of the main advantages of the museum is its orientation to the sensory development of children, the ability to learn the history of the area in a playful way.

For the purpose of developing a new local history project for Uglegorsk district on the basis of the children's museum, the representatives of Solntsevsky coal mine, the pre-school institution and the Uglegorsk district museum agreed to conduct additional events for pre-school children and teachers. In particular, the district museum will offer children the virtual excursions and quizzes, and extended lectures for the teaching team. The Solntsevsky coal mine plans to participate in updating and enlarging the thematic exhibition of the children's museum, and also to organize the respective regular field trips for children to the enterprise’s facilities.