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EMCO filling station chain was enlarged with two more venues

East Mining Company put into operation in Uglegorsk additional filling stations intended for retail sale of oil products to residents and enterprises of Uglegorsk district. Thus, at the moment in the city district there are 4 modern gas stations of the company: one venue in Boshnyakovo, one in Shakhtersk and two - in the regional center.

Fuel for filling stations is delivered from Korsakov Municipality, directly from the main supplier facility - LLC RN-Vostoknefteprodukt. There are 3 types of the high-demand oil products constantly on sale at the gas stations: АИ-92 (regular) and АИ-95 (premium) petrol, and also diesel fuel.  At the same time, the cost of fuel at all gas stations of the company remains at the lowest level in the Uglegorsk district.

At filling stations there is a control system over the accuracy of the fuel-dispensing units.  To avoid fuel underfilling, the control "filling" of the equipment is regularly carried out with the help of a certified measuring device.

- These gas stations in Uglegorsk are a long-awaited event for local automobilists. Before, many of us deliberately went to the company's gas station in Shakhtersk to fill the car with the known high-quality fuel for less money, - Uglegorsk resident Chasovskikh Zakhar shared his impressions.

The launch of new gas stations was another EMCO measure on the way to solving the problem of high-quality fuel available for local residents, its own enterprises and third-party organizations operating in the Uglegorsk district. This work is carried out by the company by means of its own financing in the framework of social partnership with the local administration and an investment project to create a fuel infrastructure in the territory of its presence.  EMCO AZS and EMCO Oilservis dedicated to that purpose are in charge of construction and maintenance of the filling station chain.  

- All four filling stations are of a container type.  Their arrangement did not require complex excavation and construction works, so the facilities were installed in a short time.  One of the main advantages of Uglegorsk and Shakhtersk gas stations is independence from the human factor. The stations function without operators, in self-service mode. It makes twenty-four-hour and continuous schedule of their operation more possible, creates additional comfort for car owners.  In Sakhalin there are only four gas stations functioning in this format, three-in the Uglegorsk district and one - in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, - said EMCO AZS Director Valery Grigorovsky. 
Gas stations located in Uglegorsk have an improved fuel payment system. They are additionally equipped with PayPass contactless payment technology, which reduces drivers' time for servicing actions.  
To ensure the continuous availability of fuel at the gas stations there has been increased the special equipment park. Five Skania semi-tractors, five semi-trailer tanks and a KamAZ truck with a trailer for petrol delivery were purchased. This allowed the use of different vehicles for the transportation of petroleum products to eliminate the risks of mixing the fuel and maintain its high quality.
EMCO total investment in the creation of fuel-providing service by now amounted to more than 100 million rubles.  The project is carried out, inter alia, with the application of the free port of Vladivostok regime. Its implementation allowed to create 20 new jobs in Uglegorsk district.