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Santa Clauses from East Mining Company knocked on hundreds of doors of their employees' homes

For the first time in history of the New Year's know-how in Uglegorsk district, Santa Clauses - these fabulous envoys of East Mining Company - have granted their attention to more than a thousand girls and boys; in the meantime 500 children of the company's employees have been visited at home.

The New Year's magicians began to present their first gifts to children taking them out of the huge bags bearing the EMCO symbols on December 21 at opening of the main Christmas tree in the district. On that fabulous evening in Uglegorsk, the chocolates "Alenka" have been flying into the hands of happy children. Later on, on December 23, at the opening of snow town in Shakhtorsk, the sweets have been enthusiastically taken out by local young residents.

And then the New Year's miracles from EMCO only gained momentum. For 500 children of the Uglegorsk district whose mothers, dads (and maybe both of them) and grandparents work at East Mining Company coal enterprises, 2018 will be remembered as a fabulous adventure. During five pre-New Year's days, despite the heavy snowstorms and sometimes impassable drifts, to local girls and boys five Santa Clauses with snow-white long beards have been hurrying up. Wishing a New Year's miracle, the fairy-tale characters were awaited by the children in Uglegorsk and Shakhtersk. Participants to the unprecedented and absolutely free action were also children from villages of Olshanka, Nikolskoe, Porechie and Olkhovka. In a chic scarlet sheepskin, Santa Claus made his way to the most distant village in the area - Boshnyakovo, where miners of surface coal mine with the same name have well exceeded the coal mining plan targets.

But it was not easy for children to get sweets and gifts from a big bag of fairy magician. First of all it was necessary to sing a song to Santa Claus or to tell him some New Year's rhyme. And with this task all coped without much effort. During the conversation, the guys were allowed to touch snow-white beard of the guest and his magic staff, which, at the first order of the owner, could fulfill all the New Year's wish.

By the way, so that all wishes of the small residents of district as quickly as possible reached the paramount Russian Santa Claus, about 400 children who visited children matinees at the "October" Regional Recreation Center have received from EMCO the respective letterheads for the letters to be addressed to Veliky Ustyug. At fairy-tale photo zones, the children together with their parents with pleasure posed for professional photographers. The guys also could enjoy candy floss and after the matinee everyone got a magnet with his/her own image - all this from the same mining company.

Such a large scale fairy tale was arranged by EMCO top management for the children of their employees. And now the children, of course, want New Year's Eve miracles from Santa Claus to be undoubtedly repeated in the next year.

Source: «Uglegorskiye Novosti»