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Enjoy your bath: a new bathhouse and health complex in Shakhtyorsk will soon receive its first visitors

Three types of steam rooms, a swimming pool and a cozy atmosphere. The construction of a bath and recreation complex in Shakhtersk is nearing completion. Now the workers are working on finishing the facade of the building. In the near future, residents of the district will take with them besoms, felt hats, bath towels and will be able to warm up from the heart.

Going to the bathhouse is not only an improvement of the body, but also a pleasant pastime with friends and family. Here are some helpful tips to help you avoid making mistakes.

- The main rule is to avoid sudden heating of the body. Steaming is better to start from the second call. In the first, you should sit on the canopy so that the body warms up and prepares for bath procedures.

- Steaming with a besom is better to start from the feet. Then, with the help of light patting movements, walk along the entire length of the body. At the end of the steaming procedure, experts recommend pressing the besom to the body from different sides. So you saturate the skin with essential oils and beneficial substances.

- After each visit to the steam room, drink water or tea with lemon. This will help replenish the loss of moisture in the body. And the substances contained in citrus fruits strengthen vascular tissues and relieve spasm from them.

- It is important to listen to your body. In case of deterioration of health, the slightest discomfort and dizziness, it is worth leaving the steam room.

Recall that in the bath and health complex for all those who like to take a steam bath there will be three types of steam rooms, as well as a swimming pool. At the end of wellness procedures, visitors can have a massage or drink a cup of herbal tea in the phytobar. The East Mining Company is engaged in the construction of the complex. This is an important social project of the EMCO. Veterans of the coal industry approached Oleg Misevra, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the EMCO, with the idea of building. He supported their request. The whole project from start to finish was discussed with the miners.