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Increase in coal production and shipment by EMCO enterprises allowed to create extra 90 new jobs in the motor transport sector of Sakhalin

Under EMCO investment project aimed at development of coal road transport en route "Solntsevsky Coal Mine - Coal Sea Port  of Shakhtersk”, 20 new KamAZ road trains arrived in the Uglegorsk district of Sakhalin. The total value of funds invested in the purchase of new equipment was RUB 140 million. Entry into service of the vehicles created more 90 work places in the local labor market.

The project was implemented using the investment-friendly regime - the Free port of Vladivostok, applicable to the Uglegorsk district. FPV resident, who purchased and operates the new equipment, is EMCO Logistic. 

The vehicles, experts note, comply with the standards of bulk cargo transportation. Their design and production technology are based on progressive technical solutions that meet the modern level of the world machine building, provide high performance and operating reliability of equipment. Furthermore, the new KamAZ are up to Euro-5 standard, which imposes strict requirements for environmental friendliness of vehicles.

These 2018 road trains, that is, second generation vehicles are characterized by increased carrying capacity and advanced design elements. Compared to the already familiar 2009 KamAZ, the cabin of the new machine is more comfortable and has a good overview. The engine is one and a half times more powerful that is felt already upon the first trip, - EMCO Logistic Driver Yury Grebe shared his impressions. 

All KamAZ vehicles are equipped with GLONASS system to ensure trouble-free operation of machines. The system allows to monitor the route and speed, control the used fuel level. Car bodies are equipped with special tents, covering the cargo, which provide safe coal transportation.
So far, the new KamAZ transported more than 500 thousand tons of coal.