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RBC 500 Rating: EMCO was ranked in the top list among the largest Russian companies

East Mining Company is according to the rating list of RBC publishing house among 500 biggest companies in Russia by revenue 2018. EMCO entered the rating for the first time.
The company's revenue for the reporting period was doubled in comparison with the previous year to reach an amount of RUB 28 billion.  In 2017, it was RUB 14 billion.  
The company's profit increased by 212% to reach RUB 9 billion. By this indicator, East Mining company climbed to the 113th position among all participants of the rating.  EBITDA in 2018 was 2.5 times higher and totaled RUB 12 billion against RUB 5 billion in 2017.
The RBC 500 rating had been published since 2015 and identifies the country’s largest companies with a significant sector profile. The ranking is mainly based on the company's revenue for the financial period.